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Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan
Modern scientific research demonstrate that Beta Glucans may ward off tumors, cardiovascular, immune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. Research evidence indicates that Glucans work best in synergy with other Protein-Glucans, Triterpene Sterols and antioxidants which may help the body’s natural defense mechanisms to fight against different infectious conditions. Beta-D Glucans activate T-helper, NK cells and B cells to increase the production of antibodies. Beta-D Glucans activate Macrophages which are a kind of white blood cell that “eat up” pathogens such as bacteria, yeast cells and virus infected cells that reside throughout the mucous membranes, digestive, urinary and respiratory tracts. Animal and human cell culture studies have shown that Beta Glucan can stimulate several aspects of immune function, such as phagocytosis and interleukin production. Phagocytosis is the process of a white blood cell engulfing and destroying a foreign substance. Interleukin is a chemical mediator that triggers white blood cell production and activity. A Beta-Glucan-activated macrophage or neutrophil can remove cellular debris resulting from oxidative damage, speed up recovery of damaged tissue, and further activate other components of the immune system. It is a powerful immune enhancer, which also helps reduce total cholesterol levels and LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, as well as raising HDL ("good") cholesterol levels. Beta Glucan is, according to preliminary studies, helpful in reducing the elevation in blood sugar levels that typically follow a meal. Beta Glucan delays gastric emptying so that dietary sugar is absorbed more gradually, and by possibly increasing the tissue sensitivity to insulin. Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 is a highly potent form of Beta Glucan.
Beta Glucan in skin care products: Recent studies with several hundred women, given a cosmetic regimen of which a topical cream containing Beta Glucan was a major part. The effects on the signs of aging in the skin were evaluated. Compared with the control group, A 27 percent improvement in skin hydration was observed after eight weeks of using the regimen twice a day. An improvement in lines and wrinkles of 47 percent was measured, firmness and elasticity increased by 60 percent, and skin color improved by 26 percent. The rate of skin renewal increased by 34 percent. These dramatic results were achieved because Beta Glucan rejuvenates the skin's cells by invigorating the macrophages. Beta Glycan Study: The study was done in part by a University of Alberta spin-off company and dispels the hard-held belief about the natural ingredient, Beta Glucan. The finding is significant, not only in the treatment of skin disorders and removing fine lines and wrinkles but in the promotion of wound healing and reduction in scaring following surgical procedures, says Dr. Mark Redmond, president and CEO of Ceapro Inc, a spin-off company formed in the late 1980s to commercialize technology from the University of Alberta's faculties of pharmacy and medicine for the treatment of cold sores. "As a result of our study, we now know that Glucan works through the inter-cellular lipid matrix, or the cells' cement, to enter the lower levels of the skin. Of medical significance is the fact that Beta Glucan creams promote wound healing and reduction in scaring following surgical procedures." The research team, made up of Redmond, Ravi Pillai and Joachim Roding both from Symrise, then measured the depth of the skin that the Glucan penetrated. Photographs show the actual reduction of wrinkles and consumers should expect to see similar results on themselves in as little as ten days, says Redmond. "The proof that we provide in this paper and other research that we have conducted is that Glucan can have a specific and measurable effect on skin beyond making you look good and feeling great," says Redmond. "We also have indications that a number of applications in cosmetics are in the works to use Glucan as the non-invasive alternative to Botox for those who are afraid of needles." Ceapro has also discovered that beta Glucan can be used as a transdermal delivery system to feed drugs and other compounds into the skin. This development may lead to new and better ways of delivering such medicines as antihistamines and pain relievers.
Siberian Chaga Polysaccharides are comprised of different types of Glycosidic linkages, ie (1,3) (1,6) Beta Glucans or (1,3) Alpha Glucans. Each differs in configuration, anti immunity activity, molecular weight, size of branching chains and hence its beneficial complexity.