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SOD Enzymes

SOD is The Most Powerful Cellular Antioxidant
Superoxide Dismutase (known as SOD) is an enzyme associated with copper, zinc, manganese and iron by body cells, and breaks down the super oxide free radicals. Manganese and zinc, in particular, stimulate production of SOD.
SOD is an antioxidant produced by the human body that absorbs free radicals and neutralizes them before they can damage tissue cells.
SOD is found in both the dermis and the epidermis, and is key to the production of healthy fibroblasts (skin-building cells).
SOD is the most powerful enzyme in the body and acts as a cellular antioxidant.
SOD plays an extremely important role in the protection of all aerobic life-systems against oxygen toxicity (and the free radicals derived from oxygen).
SOD is the most dangerous free radical produced in the body because it requires three electrons to rebalance itself. Most free radicals seek only one electron. SOD exerts this benefit in both the mitochondria and the cytoplasm of the cell.
SOD provides enzymatic detoxification of aging hydrogen peroxides produced by skin's metabolism.
SOD is the body’s primary defense system for tissues and organs against free radicals.
SOD is critical to cellular health, protecting the cells from excessive oxygen radicals, free radicals and other harmful agents that cause premature aging or eventual cell death.
SOD levels decline with age, while free radical production increases.
SOD is not contained in many foods, if contained than SOD’s level is very low. The result is that SOD enzyme deficiency is common. Our bodies cannot make enough SOD to combat our toxic environment. Our body and cells being continually, every day polluted by pesticides, food chemicals, hormones, pollution, chlorinated water, radiation, plastics, antibiotics, fluoride, heavy metals, some medications and more create a need for SOD.
Due to increased pollution, toxins and pesticides in our environment, the need for a powerful Cellular Antioxidant is now greater than ever.
Free radical damage caused by this daily environment of toxins has led to an increase in cancer and other degenerative diseases in younger and younger people over the last few decades.
Proper daily SOD supplementation will protect your immune system and greatly lower your chances of diseases and ultimately slowing the aging process.
Why is it important to have enough SOD every day?
SOD as Cellular Antioxidants are a critical part of any anti-aging health plan.
SOD helps determine our life span, as well protect us from cancer, high blood pressure, heart & cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, chronic muscle & joint pain, digestion disorders, diabetes, circulation disorders, kidney & liver disorders, cholesterol, allergies, bronchitis, asthma, prostate, skin aliments and many other health problems. Click here for more information about Enzymes.