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Chaga Extract Testimonials

Wild Harvested Siberian Chaga Extract

Dear Eartherbs,

I met you at the Regional Market in Syracuse about three weeks ago, and bought a bottle of the Chaga Mushroom Extract from you.  I’ve been taking it for three weeks now, and I have to share with you how great I feel! 

I have tons of energy—I put in my entire garden over two long weekends, working three days each weekend, 12 hr. days.  No aches or pains whatsoever!

My outlook on life has changed to a more positive outlook…my depression has lifted.

I want to have fun…I actually asked my husband to take me golfing and we went.  I don’t think he expected that ever to happen!

I’m telling everyone I know about this miracle “extract”. 

Best regards,

JoAnn  P., Syracuse, NY





I just wanted to say how much better I feel since taking Eartherbs chaga mushroom extract. Finally, I sleep very well at night which understandably I did not before which is a common problem among 50 year old women. I have lost 10 pounds since taking the chaga mushroom extract. My husband says that I look great.  

My concentration is very much improved.  I have finished a book that I am illustrating.    I have been working on it for 6 months. Suddenly, since taking your chaga I was able to finish 1/2 of the book in one month.  My author is thrilled with me.

My energy is through the roof. My vericous viens have diminshed by 50 percent. The black circles under my eyes have gone away. I plan to stay on this forever.Thanks.
Bonnie B., Marcellus, New York




Dear Eartherbs

I just want to say, that I LOVE your product!!!!

I was very skeptical at first, but your company did a good job at explaining how and what the chaga can do for you. I finished the first bottle and was almost going to stop taking it when towards the end of the bottle, I started feeling more energized, awake and alert!!!

I came back for the next bigger size and now I am using the largest size!! I don't want to run out!!!

I also just love the chaga facial cream!!! Now you need to come up with a soap bar or body wash and an all over body lotion!!! Your product is AWESOME!!! I can't say enough about!!!


Janice K. , Liverpool, New York. 




I have been suffering from chronic pain for years. I found your product at my local health food store and I have to say that it has literally transformed my life. The Siberian Chaga Extract that you produce has eased the pain and inflammation while providing increased energy levels throughout the day. I have told my friends and family about your amazing product.

Dana P., Brookline, MA



Dear Sir or Madam,

I just wanted to tell you how good I feel after using your product. I used to be a physical wreck everyday I woke up in the morning. I was sore all over and it took me a few minutes to get out of bed and stand up. I suffer from chronic pain and arthritis due to injuries suffered during my years as a fireman. The pills my doctor prescribed seemed to mask the pain but never provide full relief. After three weeks of using the Chaga Extract I started to get out of bed a bit quicker in the morning. My wife noticed the difference and was amazed at my improved mobility.  Over the proceeding weeks I gradually felt the chronic pain was less and less every day. Now after 3 months I can jump right out of bed in the morning and the chronic pain is gone. My wife and I are now taking the extract together every morning and we are both feeling great. I truly believe that your Chaga Mushroom Extract has given me back my life and I plan to continue using so I never want to go back to the way I felt before. Thank you for the marvelous product.

Ken H.  Palo Alto, CA.



To whom it may concern,

I have been trying different diets my whole life. One after the other never seemed to get the weight off. So when I heard that the Chaga Mushroom Extract was effective as an appetite suppressant I was very skeptical. I started taking the extract and within the first week I noticed that my cloths we feeling loose. Before I finished the first bottle I had lost 12 pounds without altering my diet or over exercising. I am now on my third bottle and have lost 21 pounds. The most amazing thing is that even as I lost the weight my energy level was high. Before, I never seemed to have the energy while I dieted. My husband tells me how great I look and my friends in the bridge club are now taking your extract with the same results. Thank you for this unbelievable product and giving me back the figure I thought I lost forever.

Mary W. Beaverton, OR





I wish to state that I had Acid reflux to a point that I would have to sleep on only my right side because every time I rolled over onto my left side the acid reflux would move up my throat. This eventually started to harm my right shoulder due to always having to sleep on this side only. After one week using the Chaga extract I felt tremendous relief. I no longer had the reflux symptoms that lasted all night long. After three weeks I no longer had any symptoms when I slept. I was able to sleep on my left side and my shoulder pain started easing. I have just completed my third month using your Chaga Mushroom extract and I no longer have any acid reflux symptoms. Thank you so much for giving me back a normal life.

Nancy A., Kirkland, WA





I am a 46 year old woman who has suffered from the worst case of irritable bowel syndrome for years. Every time I left the house and went to the store I would always look for where the public bathroom was in case I had an attack. I cannot explain how this pain was taking a toll on my life. I never knew when an attack would occur so I would avoid going out in public on many occasions. Within a few days of taking the Chaga extract I began to notice that my bowels were becoming normal and the pain in my intestines that would proceed a bowel movement was waning. I continued using the product and after one month the pain was completely gone. I have been using the Chaga extract now for almost three months and my bowel movements have becoming as normal as I can remember. What can I say other than thank you.

Fran D. New Haven, CT





I have had high blood pressure for the last 20+ years and have been on medications to keep it under control. I have taken many other herbal remedies but after I started taking Chaga extract my blood pressure is now at the lowest it has ever tested in my adult life. What amazes me is that my energy level has remained high even though my blood pressure is down. I would probably not believe somebody if they said I could lower my blood pressure while increasing my energy level by using Chaga extract. But that’s exactly what happened to me. You have got a customer for life.

Roger E.  Sandersville, GA




Dear Eartherbs,

I was in a funk and did not understand why I was feeling that way. My friends were becoming concerned that I was not acting like myself. I was having a hard time concentrating at work and not sleeping well. I went to a dermatologist to see if I was having an allergic reaction to something. I tested negative. I went to a Psychiatrist and discussed my condition and he suggested that I go on medication. I was not ready to commit to this idea. When I contacted your company on the phone and I discussed my condition, it was explained to me that I was probably suffering from a toxicity reaction. I didn’t really know what to make of this assessment. However, I bought a bottle of the chaga extract and noticed an immediate effect. My mood improved in a matter of days.

The funk I was in was lifting and my friend noticed a dramatic change in my appearance. I understand now that the chaga extract was detoxifying my body and that this was the root of my problem. Most of my immediate family is now taking your chaga extract for a variety of conditions with fantastic results. I am telling all my friends and I know that relief for most of them is just one bottle away. Thank you so much.

Ernie S., Sevierville, TN





I am the owner of a farm in Wisconsin and have suffered with allergies for my entire adult life. I have used pills to control the condition, but that’s all they could do is control the symptoms. When the pollen would start to fly, my eyes would always start to cry. I would dread working in the field because it became so difficult for me to breathe. I had heard that the chaga extract was excellent for increasing energy and I thought that would be very beneficial for me due to long hours working in the field during the harvest season. My energy level is definitely increased but to my amazement, when the pollen season began my sinuses did not clog and my eyes did not water. For the first time in my adult life I have gotten through a season without serious sinus problems. It is a truly amazing product and I am now your customer for life.

Jim H.   Hixton, WI





I was told about your product from a friend of mine who had lost 35 pounds. I hadn’t seen her for a few months and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I asked what diet she was using. She said it wasn’t a diet and that she was eating what she wanted and only using chaga extract every day. I decided to give it a try. Well, I have lost 12 pounds myself in the first month but that’s not the whole story. I have had a chronic cough and a wheezing that has plagued me for years. I was on steroids and other medications but could not get rid of the cough. Now after one month on the chaga extract my cough and associated mucus that was always in my lungs has vanished. I am so impressed with this product that I have told everybody that will listen. This is a miracle product

Jennifer R., Greenville, MI




Dear Eartherbs,

I wanted to share a story about my mother. She owns a two story house and for many years could not make it all the way up the steps to the second story because her hips and knees caused her so much pain. My minister has mentioned to me that he was taking the chaga mushroom extract and that his chronic pain had basically gone away in a few months. I mentioned this to my very skeptical mother and told her I would buy her a bottle if she was willing to try and not put it away in the medicine cabinet. Reluctantly, she agreed and I purchased a bottle from your online store. After two weeks my mother started to feel that the swelling and discomfort in her legs was being reduced. She asked me to buy her another bottle since she doesn’t have a computer and continued taking the recommended amount everyday. Last week she called me and asked me to come by the house because she wanted to show me something. When I walked into the house I expected to see her sitting in her favorite chair in the living room. When I didn’t see her there, I looked in the kitchen but she wasn’t there either. I walked back out into the living room and heard her laughing. I walked back to the front door and saw my mother standing at the top of the steps. She was laughing and smiling and saying “look at me, look at me, I made it up the steps”. It was a moment I will never forget. Your extract has done something I never thought was possible. It has eliminated her chronic pain and given her back a sense of personal freedom. God Bless.

Ellen D., Deerfield Beach, FL

I have been using EartHerbs Chaga Mushroom Extract for more than 3 months and I must say that to my astonishment although it had been meant to improve my irritable bowel syndrome, my doctor has told me I no longer need to take my high blood pressure medicine. My irritable bowel syndrome has almost been completely resolved. The pain and discomfort is no longer a daily routine. I have the freedom to go out more often and not fear the moment when I know that  a bathroom needs to be located very quickly. I feel that the lowering of my blood pressure has had an effect with this  change because my heart would really race when the IBS would begin. Now neither event happens. I have told many friends and will be buying regularly for some time to come.  Thank you for giving me back my freedom and removing my fear of travel. Chaga has been a miracle.

Paul D.

Manhattan, NY




My chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS) and Fibromyalgia have totally dictated my life for past 4 years. I started taking your Chaga mushroom extract a little over a month ago, and a couple of days ago was the first time I'd gotten out of bed completely rested and not exhausted from being  awake all night with pain or fatigue. My life has turned around and now I am starting to be able to have a life which has been impossible since CFS got me. My bowel problems are greatly improved as well.  Chaga extract has given me back my life and now I can undertake some chores around the house which makes me feel a whole lot better due to being able to reduce some of the stress on my daughter as she has had to take care of me. It has made me feel that I now have my life back - not 100% but 75% and to me that's a wonderful feeling. Chaga extract is the best things to ever come my way.

Deloris P.

West Palm Beach, FL




My name is Patrick, I have been taking the Chaga Mushroom Extract for over nine months and have never been better. All through my life I was constantly sick, with colds or 'flu and was forced to have many days off while at school and then working. I also suffered from allergies  since the age of 12. Since taking Chaga mushroom extract, I have had one bout of illness which saw me have one day off work - all my colleagues got the same bug, but were forced to have 2-3 days off and then had ongoing symptoms for weeks ! Not me - I was up and running as per normal after one day in bed, for me that is astonishing! My allergies were effectively s gone after 6 months use of Chaga mushroom extract - I cannot even remember the last bad sinus day and I no longer need any injections. I also feel that I am sleeping better.  I highly recommend the use of Eartherbs Chaga mushroom extract.

Patrick O.

Hyannis, MA




I am an elderly woman with arthritis and because of the pain, I waddle like a duck. I am slowly getting better since I've started taking Chaga Mushroom extract.  I am only 60, and I should still be able to walk normally. Chaga Mushroom extract seems to be a real miracle! The swelling around my left knee has disappeared. I am walking overall better, and I sleep a lot better. It seems to also have changed how I react to foods. I was very allergic to lots of things, and now I can tolerate them so much better. Thank you for this marvelous product.  

Cathy D.

Freeport, ME




My name is Fran, I am 40 years old. 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe ‘Arthritis’. My health which had been generally very good, deteriorated quite rapidly, for the most part the medical treatment offered to me was aggressive and I began a regime of anti inflammatory,  assorted pain relieving drugs, that merely reduced, temporarily, the chronic insidious pain I was in inflammation of fingers, wrists, elbows. More drugs were to follow. I was taking fifteen different tablets, several times a day. My whole system seemed to suffer from the enormous amount of pharmaceutical drugs I was taking. I was losing hair, I had irritable bowel syndrome, bad skin, tooth loss, lethargy, depression and muscle atrophy. I was then given information about very potent antioxidant treatment; this helped for a time and allowed me to lead a more normal existence.  Then, two years ago, the disease returned with a vengeance, I flared badly, but the anti oxidant treatment, this time, only had minimal effect and it was very expensive. I avoided my Doctor for a while as long as I could, for fear of this drug therapy nightmare beginning again however, eventually; I had to go back, to get relief from the terrible pain I was in. At this stage my right elbow was swollen and I could not straighten my arm it was locked at a 45% angle also my left shoulder was swollen and I could not lift that arm more than a few inches so I could not look after myself, I was so depressed and looked forward with dread at a future of pain, drugs and dependency on others.

Then a ‘Miracle’ happened just when I had no hope left, I heard about the Chaga Mushroom, just ten weeks ago, this was 4 weeks after I had reluctantly, been back to my Doctor to begin chemotherapy. A friend gave me some Chaga Extract to try; to my amazement I had a very positive reaction within a few hours. Now, since last week, I have been completely pain free, yes completely pain free!, without taking any more drugs at all.

Every part of my body is improving daily, hourly. The joints, while still swollen, are pain free, I sleep very soundly, my bowels behave normally, I have energy to burn, my head is clear and I have been able to return to full time work. My gums teeth hair and skin are all showing signs of rejuvenation, spots and marks on my skin are reducing in size and I feel my libido returning. My vision is clearing and I have no lethargy. All of this has happened in a few short weeks and since I first started on the Chaga Extract. I would be happy to discuss my condition and healing with anyone who feels hopeless like I did.

Fran A.

Denver, CO.




I am a retired fireman with a history of high blood pressure problems. I have been on different medications and they only help keep my pressure from going up. None of them have ever lowered my blood pressure. My wife said she had seen a television program that mentioned the chaga mushroom and the overall benefits people were reporting. It was only three weeks when I started to realize that my heart had gone back into my chest and the thumping in my ears had gone away when I went to sleep. My doctor noticed the difference but decided I should remain on the medication until the next month’s visit. The second month saw my blood pressure remain low and we agreed that if it stayed at the lower level next month I would stop taking the medication. My blood pressure is now 100 / 80, I no longer take blood pressure medication and my stress level is way down. My blood work is the best it has been in 20 years and I have the most energy I have had in decades. A lot of my friends think I am making it up, but this extract has been a miracle for me.

Phyllis R.

Columbus, OH




I had the onset of arthritis, back and neck pain. In 1976 I sustained a severe right shoulder injury and incurred extensive soft tissue damage and over the years the doctors could only prescribe painkillers.  I was unable to sleep on my right side as numbness and pins-and-needles would give me constant pain.
In mid 2003 when going to climb down a ladder I fell to the bottom with one leg twisted in the ladder.  Two separate doctors concluded I had sustained torn cartilage and soft tissue damage and was a prime candidate for a knee replacement The only relief from pain was hot packs and massage lotions which would last 3 to 4 hours my knee would give-way as soon as I put my weight on it. After three weeks of taking the Chaga Extract, I asked my wife how long did it take for the products to work? She didn’t know, as she was still learning about these products. She asked why? Well I said “I hardly notice any pain in my knee.”

I have been taking the Chaga Extract now for 8 weeks and will not be without it forever because of the tremendous relief it has given and I can now sleep on my right side very comfortably.To those of you who are suffering with unending pain and can relate to these conditions I have experienced you won’t know what this marvelous extract can do until you start.

Eddie D.

Century City, CA