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Chaga Cream Testimonials

Antioxidant Treatment / Chaga Mushroom Cream
Skin Cell Renewal
Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Psoriasis,
Skin Rashes, Itchy Skin, Scars, Varicose Veins
Wrinkles & Lines, Crow’s feet, Rough Skin Texture,
Enlarged Pores, Premature Aging, Dull Skin Tones
Discoloration & Brown Spots,
Skin Damage (Sun or Beauty Treatments)
Under-eye Shadows, Dark Circles & Puffiness
I am a 30 years old woman who always had an excellent complexion until a few years ago when I developed rosacea. I read about your Antioxidant treatment on your website. I was very skeptical that it would work. I read the other testimonials about Chaga Mushroom extract and got up the courage to give it a try. The results have been fantastic. Thank you so much for this product. I have told all my friends about this fantastic product and many have said they have had excellent results. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to use this amazing product for years to come.
Best wishes.
Ellen M. Burlington VT
Hallo Eartherbs,
I started to use the Antioxidant treatment and was really amazed!!! Immediately my face felt smoother. I just turned 56 and I tried all kinds of famous name products like Este Lauder, ProActive, etc., and then my friend told me about the benefits she had by using Eartherbs. Within 5 days the lines on my forehead began to smooth out and yesterday someone told me they thought I was 40! This is an incredible product and I have told all my friends to get started. Thank you so much.
Carol A. Memphis TN
Dear Eartherbs,
I am 68 year old woman who has been using top of the line skin care products all of my life. When I heard about the Antioxidant Treatment I didn't think it would have much of an effect on me. But, was I surprised that my skin's texture and tone is dramatically different. I never expected this type of effect. I am a true believer!!
Cathy R. Colorado Springs, Colorado
My son is 12 and like any mother I would do anything for him. When he started to breakout and have skin problems, I went to the local dermatologist. She put him on oral antibiotics, clindamycin lotion, and Retin-A and the results have never been satisfactory. I read about your Antioxidant treatment on the internet and honestly didn't think it would do anything. I never expected an improvement this fast. My son decided he wanted to stop using the dermatologist's products and just use Eartherbs Antioxidant treatment. We were both shocked that in 7 days he has had more than a 80% improvement and that has never happened before. He is now only using your product. Thank you so much for making my son very happy!!!
Suzanne M., Panama City, FL
I recently bought your Antioxidant treatment with Chaga Mushroom because of my bad eczema.
My doctor only would prescribe prednisone. The prednisone would only work if powerful dosages were prescribed! I was looking for something that could get me away from having to use any more prednisone. Within a couple of weeks your incredible cream healed my hands, arms and itchy areas on the top of my foot that have been driving me crazy for years. Thank you for this product and allowing me to get away from having to use prednisone.
Lana E., Arlington Heights. IL
Dear Eartherbs,
First of all I would like to say thank you for your excellent cream. I have tried every cream available including cortisone, which I hated using and which didn't really do much for my eczema. I had severe eczema on my hands and arms, and they were so itchy I was going mad. I have looked at every web site on eczema and have spent so much money on different methods and creams that are meant to fix eczema, then I came across your web site and I thought I might as well give it a try. My skin has changed so much. It almost looks normal again! I've just run out so I've ordered another jar. Thank you so much! 
Anna S., Iowa City IA
Thanks. I learned of your company several weeks ago while looking on the Internet for a skin cream to treat my eczema. I would put some OTC hydrocortisone cream and that help. I don't really like using that but I found nothing else that would give me relief.
Recently I got a very bad case. I went to see a doctor and he said that it was a bad case, but he had seen worse. He prescribed some steroid cream but I didn't like the side effects. After no noticeable benefit from the steroid cream, I decided to order your antioxidant treatment as an alternative. I started using your cream.
and not only did the redness and puffiness go away, but it appeared like my skin had tightened up. This was very welcome news, as this problem made me look much older than I was.
I was impressed with several things about your company. First, I got quick follow-up emails when I requested some additional information. Second, the product works! I now know I can use the antioxidant treatment instead of the OTC hydrocortisone cream if I have future outbreaks.
There are many claims being made by all kinds of companies for all types of products, but yours stands alone.
Thanks again,
Sam R., Venice FL
Dear Eartherbs,
I ordered the antioxidant treatment with chaga mushroom for my 5 year old daughter, who had beautiful skin until the age of 4 and a half. The doctors told me that it was eczema. I tried lots of different creams, both prescribed by the doctor, and also products I had bought of the shelf. Nothing worked. In fact they made her face worse as soon as the cream was applied.
In desperation, I searched through the web one day and saw your cream advertised. I didn't hold much hope as I had tried seemingly hundreds of creams, and none of them had been effective against her eczema.
However, when I first applied the Antioxidant treatment her face didn't flare up. It cleared her face up much sooner than I had ever hoped. Thanks very much,
Linda A. Reno NV
This year I had eczema for the first time. It started as a small patch on my right shin and continued to spread. I was also informed that there was no cure and I could only control the itching.
After searching 'eczema' on the Internet, I found your antioxidant treatment with chaga mushroom. I began applying it over the affected area immediately. I have been using the cream for 10 days now and my eczema is basically gone and the best thing is I no longer itch!
I want to thank your company for providing a cream that is effective and does exactly what it proclaims to do! I will definitely tell anyone I know with skin problems about your cream.
Melissa R, Madison WI
After purchasing you Antioxidant treatment with chaga mushroom over the internet, I saw a dramatic improvement within 48 hours to my eczema. I had eczema under my nails and on each finger and wrist, along with blisters and cracked bleeding skin. I have had eczema since I was 7 years old, and was tired of using cortisone. Your cream has completely cleared up my eczema and am only on my second week of use. Thank you so much for creating this treatment. Have a great day!
Suzanne K., Franklin NC
Dear Eartherbs,
I’m a 40 year old female who until recently never suffered with any kind of skin condition. But for about the last 10 months I started suffering with eczema on my hands, arms, neck and back. It has been a very great problem to me. The doctors at my hospital have examined me and come up with no solutions except steroid creams, all of which have made little difference to my condition.
I came across your website and thought I'd try your Antioxidant skin cream. I am very pleased with the result. I have finished my first jar of cream and have just ordered my second jar. My family have all noticed a difference and a great improvement. I thought I'd tell you that I will be continuing with the Antioxidant treatment indefinitely.
Theresa A. Joplin MO